How can it happen that already after the first lick of our ice cream taste buds send a special message to the brain saying ”You are in Italy on the terrace of a small restaurant, waiters are whistling and blinking, happy people are strolling and caressing each other, seagulls are crossing the sky, just as laughing moped riders are crossing the streets and squares”


It can happen because all the food presented on our menu originate from Italy. May they be vegetables, fruit, meat, fish or seafood, they all come from there. And they bring along the heartbeat, smell and flavour of the sandy beaches, green fields, and hillsides!


It is made possible because our truck is sent weekly to local Italian producers, sellers at farmers’ markets as well as home-made pasta makers to bring back produce to our Kecskemét restaurant. This way all the ingredients, including flour, pasta, cheese, fresh herbs and meat, are always fresh. And of course of the best quality!