Olivola! Sounds like a joyful greeting: I’m glad to see you, come with me to a place that tastes like Italy, which is heated by sunshine, or at least  by the wood-fired oven for sure, where everyone smiles, chasing the gloomy clouds away from the surroundings of the Italian restaurant at 28 Rákóczi Road.

Because Olivola is such a place. It’s a small Mediterranean island in the intimate main street of Kecskemét, not far from the building of former City Cinema. An Italian paradise tasting like delicious sun-dried tomatoes softened by a drop of olive oil and spiced up by the scent of fresh basil. Lieto giorno, pensiero, squisito, tutti i santi giorni!

And who guarantees this distinguished atmosphere? Of course, the Italian owner of the restaurant who knows his mother country inside out. Although he has been living in Hungary for 12 years, he has never wondered how to combine the characteristics of Italian and Hungarian cuisine or how to give some Hungarian touch to Italian specialities. What he has done is exactly the opposite. He has not tilted the Italian flag to make it Hungarian, but he is flying both flags on neighbouring poles! Using authentic ingredients coming exclusively from Italy, he is opening a window to a world in which we can feel the cool breeze of salty sea on our face.


When opening our restaurant, we had three aims. One was to provide Italian people living in Kecskemét with a homey place with traditional food, service and Mediterranean style. A place where they can get all what they were used to having at home, one where they can have the same flavours as there, feeling like returning to Italy every day.

The other aim was to present Italian gastronomy, cuisine and eating habits with all of their charm, ceremonies and pleasures without making any compromise. We are offering  this to everyone, including those who regard eating only as a means of chasing hunger away. We would like them to realize that time spent eating is not something necessarily bad interfering their daily routine. Everyone should feel that wonderful Italian flavours and some hours spent here can make their whole week.

This is how our homely restaurant, which is able to serve 40 guests at a time and uses exclusively authentic Italian ingredients, came into being. The little island already charms guests at the arrival. White tablecloths, napkins and set tables are waiting for those as well who have just popped in for a coffee. (Let us note that after seeing the steaming dishes at the other tables, experiencing the tempting smells and becoming part of the bustle, just a few people leave with only the planned coffee in stomach.)

Our chef is Italian, the staff is half Italian, half Hungarian. Our guests can always turn to our cheerful young waiters who are ready to provide information on dishes and drinks or may be of instant help in any matter.

Finally, what is our third and most important aim? We would like everyone in our restaurant, irrespectively of their nationality, to feel like being home. And when leaving smiling and content, it becomes natural that they would like to return to Olivola.

Klaudia Kiss